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Promotion Rules

Class XI students will be eligible for promotion to the next higher class on obtaining at least 40% marks in Unit Test, and Half Yearly exams and 40% marks in each subject in the Annual Exam. Promotion to the next class in subject to the condition of

  • Having put in 80% class attendance. Shortage in attendance (maximum upto 10%) can be condoned only in exceptional cases.(Weightage to attendance will be 50% in each term)
  • Having certificates of good discipline, behaviour and regular work from all subject teachers of the class. There will be no provision for compartment examinations.
  1. In class VI to VIII students will be tested in the four unit tests, half yearly exam, Annual Exam from the textual syllabus covered during the particular term. However the grammar portions in language and other basics of learning materials of other subjects taught may be tested in any term Exam. There will be no provision for compartment examinations.
  2. Evaluation of scholastic domain will be reflected in the report card in the form of marks as well as grades. The grading scale for scholastic domain is a nine point grading scale given by C.B.S.E. It is as follows

    Sr No. Marks Range Grade
    1 91-100 A1
    1 81-90 A2
    2 71-80 B1
    3 61-70 B2
    4 51-60 C1
    5 41-50 C2
    6 33-40 D
    7 21-32 E1
    8 0-20 E2
  3. I class XI and XII, the half yearly examinations will be on the syllabus covered up to the half yearly examination and the annual examination will include whole year’s syllabus.
  4. Absence from any test or exam will lead to a zero mark in the report card. In case of an emergency a medical certificate should be furnished.
  5. Besides the above provision , student’s absence from any terminal exams or test will be considered as absence and at the time of promotion, it will be deemed that the student did not got any marks or credit in missing tests and terminal examinations.
  6. At the end of each test, results shall be analyzed to identify weak students in different subjects and to find out their problems. It is hoped that parents will fully co-operate regarding programmes for remedial measures.
  7. Results will be declared on the basis of the promotion rules stated earlier. The parents will have the opportunity of seeing the answer paper of all the Tests/Exams except/that of the Annual Exam. Under the policy the answer paper of the Annual exam will not be shown as these papers are already checked and again rechecked by the school.
  8. The result so declared is final and cannot be reconsidered.
  9. Use of unfair means in the examination may lead to the cancellation of the particular paper.
  10. The preparatory test for class XII will be held in the 3rd week of December.
  11. The report cards of the two unit tests, half yearly examinations and annual exams will be personally handed over to the parents during the PTM. The parents are advised to discuss the results with the class teacher for future improvement.
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