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Marian Toddlers Block –about The Curriculum

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

Definitely SMPS believes to make our toddlers an active children so along with our work we believe children should be bought up in a playful environment so we have designed our curriculum in such a way to bring the best out of child and working on holistic development by enhancing blended learning. Our curriculum and books are designed in such a way that it promotes individual growth of every child it contains a lot of activities which enhances the motor and cognitive skills.

We also focus on the pedagogy of our kids initiating collaborative learning , communicative skills and creative physical awareness. Well we do not stop our activities here but we have a list to pen down, the Annual event Speranza is conducted in an extravaganza manner which Is always a celebration not only for the school but for our dear parents also even parents participates wholeheartedly to support for the successful annual event. We also celebrate National and International festivals like Halloween, International Dance Day, Emoji Day, National Parents Day etc. We do not stop here but various festival celebration also take place throughout the year. By doing all these activities we are making our kids social conscious and embedding in them the cultural celebration for making them globally aware. Health is of utmost importance therefore, how can we neglect our sports activities. School has started with “FIT O KID” activity believing in holistic development. Here the child play various games and develops his gross motor skills. With the above mentioned activities our curriculum works on all round development of our students in every sector.

Our Aim Is To
  • To develop the qualities of heart and mind.
  • To develop sense of appreciation for natural beauty and truth.
  • To develop creative and artistic instincts of the child.
  • To imbibe feeling of patriotism and universal brotherhood.
  • To propagate moral values and basic principles of life.
  • To groom a child into a noble human being.
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